What do you do when you are at soneones house that you really really like… I mean, this person is pure walking sex, and you are laying beside them. They’ve been asleep for hours! And all you want to do is wake them up by doing naughty things but you are afraid they will be all grumpy and hurt your sex deprived feelings?

Have you ever been so nervous for that first kiss that you run away? Yep. This keeps happening

If you arent a thong stay out of my ass

Everyone complains that they hate drama and dont need it in their lives, then turn around and cause more. Whyyyy? If you hate drama, then stay out of others lives. What someone else does in their own time has no effect on you, so why do you feel the need to broadcast and make things worse?

Rednecks are idiots

Its supposed to hurt! Its an ass kickin….

Its my birthday and Ill bitch if I want too, bitch if I want too, bitch if iwant too. You would bitch too if he was married to you…….

So, in Virginia starting July 1st anyone charged with drunk driving is forced to have a breathalizer ignition installed on their vehicle.

Now. This is Virginia .When are they going to introduce and enforce the methalizer ignition?

Because I am just this weird…old pic but hillarious!

Because I am just this weird…old pic but hillarious!

Burger king has announced the release of their new Bacon Sundae….I dont even know what to think about this.

Blah fucking blah